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Looking Through the Lens of Nadia Strid


Titus Blade Steel
Aid to Depandent Children
Orange Mound School
Orange Mound and Physical Education
Passing Time
Going Visiting

Orange Mound School, 1956-1958

Physical Education Time. . .

Nadia Strid captures these children exercising their muscles, while singing nursery rhymes.

The Farmer in the Dell, 1950s. . .

The farmer takes a wife. . .


 The children in this picture are holding their hands and a girl is sitting in the middle of the ground. On the right side of the picture is a wooden chair. The teacher’s aid is talking to the children. (Above Photo)

Little Sally Walker.......(Below Photo)

Sitting in a saucer.....


The boy is holding a girl’s hand and they are looking at the camera. The girl has a white ribbon in her hair and white socks on with a checkered dress. The boy has black cloths on.  On the left side of the photo, there are two children, a boy and girl, holding each others hands hand playing. In the background there are two girls sitting on a bench, close to a wall and they are watching the children play.


The bottom part of the picture, children are standing and playing. The girl, in the foreground, is holding her right hand up and is getting ready to hit another child’s hand. On the right edge of the photo, two arms are showing. On the left side, bottom corner, just by the edge, a boy in a white shirt is looking at these girls play. (Above Photo)

“This school was in a nice neighborhood, on East Parkway, near a park.”

. . .Nadia Strid