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Looking Through the Lens of Nadia Strid


Titus Blade Steel
Aid to Depandent Children
Orange Mound School
Orange Mound and Physical Education
Passing Time
Going Visiting

Pushing the Buggy
Germantown, Tennessee, 1959

Going Visiting. . .

"An afternoon in Germantown, TN. It caught my eye and clicked." (Above Photo)

. . .Nadia Strid


“This was when I had an Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) assignment. I didn’t understand how so many children could pile in one wagon and let it just roll down the hill.” (Above Photo)

. . .Nadia Strid


All dressed up to visit friends, except the toddler forgot his pants (Below Photo)


“It wasn’t against the law back then to have the whole family in the back of the truck." (Below Photo)

. . .Nadia Strid


This photo was taken in Memphis on Poplar Pike, in the spring of 1959. On the back of the truck on the left side are three children sitting next to a woman. On the right side of the photo a women is standing, holding the little girls by her shoulder to prevent her from falling out of the trunk. (Above Photo)


This same little girl in being held by the shoulder, by the women standing in the back of the truck in the above photo. The little girl is wearing a little white dress. She is standing in the county store in the behind fruit in this photo. She is picking a peach. A man is standing in the back and both the girl and the man are looking something. (Above Photo)