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Looking Through the Lens of Nadia Strid


Titus Blade Steel
Aid to Depandent Children
Orange Mound School
Orange Mound and Physical Education
Passing Time
Going Visiting

Memphise, TN 1956

Visitors. . .

“This family must have been expecting us as they were not dressed in play clothes, but they looked in their Sunday best.”

. . .Nadia Strid

A mother holding her little baby and looking at the old woman who is standing in the doorway. The other six children are looking at their mother. The older woman is looking at the camera so is the baby and the little girl standing in the doorway to the bottom right if the old woman. (Above Photo)


The old woman is the children grandmother. The grandmother is sitting on the porch surrounded by the children. She has the youngest child on her lap; both appear to be looking at each other. The little girl, at the bottom left is looking at the camera. On the right side of the photo, a boy has his hands in his pocket. On the left side of the picture, a little girl is standing and looking at the camera. There are three children in the background. (Above Photo)